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A Life on Autopilot

Occasionally we say something is running on autopilot. But what if a whole life is running on autopilot? At a certain time it was switched on and ever since you are just a passenger in the cockpit.

The autopilot always brings you to your destination – guaranteed. The autopilot of life is doing exactly this. The destination in this case, however, is your own casket. All other destinations are unknown to it.

“Welcome to Bardo ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for choosing Incarnation Airways for your recently expired life. We hope you enjoyed the time in the human body and we are looking forward to having you with us during your next incarnation as well.”

Are you afraid that your life’s basic emotion could be like this or similar? That your life is basically just flying by the window?

Then let life get close to you again. Don’t play the strong man or strong woman although you feel insecure. Don’t smile off your fears. Don’t behave as if your days don’t mean anything to you.

Let yourself get touched again. Touched by the people around you. Touched by the rain on your face. Touched by all of your emotions.

Are you scared by this thought? Rightfully so. Because who is at the wheel then?


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