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Beyond the quest for meaning

Yesterday I wrote, Being beyond the quest for meaning is just a present, fully spontaneous.

To perceive Being, to perceive life as what it is, you have to push aside all your images about life. Otherwise you walk through life with your own measuring stick, checking if everything is set up according to your desires.

But how can that possible be, having no images about life? Having no expectations about life?

Well, simply by becoming soft again, by ditching the armor of your last decades. By becoming touchable again, vulnerable.

By allowing Being to get as close to you as Being demands. This means that you are facing all your existential fears, however. Because what remains when you are flooded by Being, when Being flows through all of your pores? Being remains. The decal picture of yourself vanishes.

‘To be or meaning’ – that is the real question here.

Photo credit: C-PROMO.de / photocase.com


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