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I cannot control the petty personal story.

I cannot shape it, improve it, or transform it into a family friendly Disney show.

The petty personal story just remains what it is.

Most likely you know all this, have heard it many times.

And still you observe how thoughts are constantly arising, centered around the personal story.

You recognize that you want to give the finishing touches to this apparent script.

And finally you get the feeling that something about it must be wrong.

But this is just a another story, embedded into the first one.

Don’t hesitate to take this script into your hand though. Flip it open and study the different roles.

And then be surprised to notice that none these characters come even close to touch the core of what you are.

Keine Kommentare

Under this human fur

Human furRight under this human fur here

Lays exactly the very quality of Being

That lets the sun rise every morning.

The very quality of Being that

Since the beginning of time

Created mountains, rivers and lakes.

The very quality of Being

From which time and space emanate.

So why only touch this human fur

Our entire lifetime,

When we are actually engulfed

By the sheer wonder of Being?

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Keine Kommentare

What do you think?

What do you think

Who is standing in your way?

Who is making your life difficult?

Sometimes you most likely want to blame

The whole world for it.

While in actuality it is just the illusion

You could be anything different

Than this very world itself.

Keine Kommentare

“Real” Clouds

Real cloudsNo cloud would consider

To fight for its place in the sky

Or to move to any place different

Than where the wind is blowing.

It would not be afraid

To merge with other clouds

Or to completely dissolve.

No cloud would consider it important

To understand the nature of the sky

To become a “real” cloud.

Why the heck do we think

That down here on earth

Different rules should apply?

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Keine Kommentare

This existence

This existence right here

Is already whole,

Is already unfolded,

Is already approved.

How could it be otherwise

Since it is the only one

There is.

Whether or not an apparent self

Doubts that

Or does not grasp that -

Who cares?

Keine Kommentare

Wrong perspective

Wrong perspectiveWhy are we clinging so desperately

To this human existence?

What is it that we want to win?

Health, happiness, enlightenment, love…

This body-mind-organism cannot achieve

Any of this permanently.

Who you are, however,

Can never lose any of it.

This human existence simply is

The totally wrong perspective.

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Keine Kommentare

I see you

I see youEach “I see you” is an illusion.

Since who could be this “I”

That accomplishes to see?

Who could be this “you”

That can be seen?

How about this:

The gestalt of an “I” occurs,

Joined by the illusion of a “you”,

And the perception that something is done.

While seeing happens.

While seeing simply happens.

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Keine Kommentare

No “I” required

Within the present moment

There is no I see,

I feel,

I think.

Within the present moment

There is only




And that is all that is needed,

Since this is

What we truly are.

No “I” required.

Keine Kommentare

Space and Time

Space and TimeWherever you go, you carry with you

The sense of here and now.

This is what distinguishes

Any present experience from memory.

It reveals that space and time are in you

And not the other way around.

-Wu Hsin- approx. 300 BCE

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Keine Kommentare

That is totally hopeless

Everything that occurs together with this body-mind-organism

Will later cease with it again.

Emotions, thoughts, friends, family,

Victories, defeats, illnesses.

And a million things more.

We can rejoice in all this, enjoy it,

Jubilate, dance, laugh.

Or suffer from it, get desperate,

Cry, yell and curse.


But to build a palace around it,

Attempting to preserve it,

Trying to attribute a deeper meaning to it –

That is totally hopeless.