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My Christmas Story 2012

On the weekend my girlfriend and I went to the theatre – The three sisters from Chekhov. It’s a classical play about three sisters who lost their father and are stranded in a small Russian town for years. And of course they want to return to an exciting Moscow life.

The play had a great cast and a high intensity. But that’s not the focus today.

One of the characters is Ferapont, an old senile servant. And in this production on the weekend the actor actually was a very old man with white hair, at least in this late 70′s.

During the first minutes I did not even notice him because he was just sitting in one corner drinking schnapps. Later he was eating cake for quite some time. I cannot say that it was but after a short while I took him to my heart.

This old actor only had a few lines of text during the whole play. When he was supposed to walk on stage he actually only shuffled along – gracefully though. Ferapont really only is a small supporting role in that play. But the old actor was on stage all the time together with his much younger colleagues.

After the final scene there was a big applause. At first all actors and actresses appeared together to bow in front of the audience. Among them the old man who was guided gently by two other actors.

Afterwards all actresses and actors individually came up again. Eventually the old man with his white hair as well. Right before he bowed he looked extremely vulnerable and unsure. But he got equally as much applause as everybody else, perhaps even a little more from my side.

When he straightened up again he had tears in his eyes. Shortly before he finally exited the stage, a shy smile played around his lips.

Merry Christmas!

Photo credit: Franziska Fiolka / photocase.com


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