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To feel connected to others, that is a central human need. A deep feeling of connectedness, of belonging, that is what many people say is an important part of purpose and happiness in life.

When I understand you correctly, than you can never have enough of it, it can always be a little more, right?

Perhaps you think that there is a shortage of connections around you. That you are, deep in your heart, lonely and isolated. But is that really true?

What about the stranger in the streets who gives you an unexpected smile while passing? Or the girl at the checkout in the supermarket who tries to make eye contact when handing out your change? Are you noticing them?

What about your kids who happily run towards you? Or your colleague at work who suddenly asks you honestly if you are doing fine today?

Do you see all those offers for connection? Do you feel that something is given to you in these moments?

As soon as you open your heart just a little bit, you can let that connectedness happen that you are longing for so much. Numerous times on every single day.

So why this feeling of scarcity?

Perhaps you would like to consider walking with an open heart through the day today. Magic might happen.


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