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The cosmic joke

Deep inside of our personality lurks the three big human fears: The fear of being a loser, the fear not to be worth of love and the fear of impermanence.

And year by year we do what humans just do with these fears:

We usually deny them. And so we are setting up a facade that is so fragile that we are permanently busy patching the cracks.

Or we are fighting the fears. And life becomes a tragedy in which we are either the hero, the clown or the wicked witch; sometimes the victim too.

Or we numb them. And doing so we are in a constant hunt for the next thrill. That easily can be a spiritual high as well.

None of this helps, since these three fears are inextricably linked to our human personality.

In the very second, however, when you realize that your whole personality is nothing more that a chimera, just a mirage within a human incarnation, the whole universe bursts out into laughter.

That is the cosmic joke.

What you are does not need to prove anything.

What you are is the source of love itself.

What you are is not limited by birth or death.

Oh boy, aren’t we just comedians!

Photo credit: Saimen. / photocase.com


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