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Could it Be?

Could it be that a long time ago you have awarded an important contract?

A contract for a type of early warning system for the imponderables and risks of life? An early warning system that constantly looks into the future, warning you shortly before something precarious is going to happen? It’s really handy such an early warning system. Could be a life saver.

Most likely you awarded that contract to your mind back then. “My pleasure”, he might have said. Ever since he is thinking like crazy, trying to understand everything, trying to recognize interrelations. Trying to be your advisor.

No idea how well that works for you. No idea how satisfied you are.

Perhaps you even forgot that it was you back then who rewarded that contract.

Do you realize that you are mistrusting life ever since? That you retreated into a kind of trench? That you, at least subconsciously, always anticipate the worst, never the best?

Do you realize that your mind is unable to cope, stressed out constantly?

Perhaps it’s slowly time to rethink that old contract, to withdraw it. Don’t wait for the appropriate thought to cross your mind though. For how could mind be able to think it’s own shipwreck?

Release your mind from his odyssey. Let him come home again. He must me tired, your mind, weary. Give him enough rest after all those years.

And then finally ask him what he would rather love to do. The answer could change your entire life.


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