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Within our little personal story drama will show up sooner or later. Drama about our victories and defeats, drama about our friends and enemies, drama about our injuries from the past and goals for the future.

Apparently drama and our personal story belong to each other inseparably. And basically we know that – but we tend to forget it over and over again. Then we are looking for a solution for our problems or the fulfillment of our dreams within our personal little story.

As long as there is a somebody who wants to tackle problems or as long as there is a seeker who wants to achieve goals, so long will drama join too. That seems inevitable.

Beyond the personal story, however, there is no drama at all.

Beyond the personal story things simply are as they are. Sometimes they are easy, sometimes difficult. Sometimes Cosmos is tender, sometimes cruel. Sometimes there is receiving, sometimes losing.

Beyond the personal story, “I” can intimately be with anything that currently unfolds. “I” can be what currently unfolds.

The countless faces of being – I.

What cannot endure there? The claim of an apparent person that Cosmos should match his or her requirements.

Every apparent person is paralyzed in fear when facing possible alternatives. Although these alternatives don’t have to be thought or felt, they have to be lived. From moment to moment.

Right in this moment cosmos is reaching out a hand – to “you”.

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