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A fearful incarnation

Even if you don’t notice your small personal story – it is there nevertheless. Like the canvass on which this incarnation apparently unfolds. There is nothing wrong with that because every incarnation needs a story.

The unfortunate fact is that every story in its core is based upon fear. And it doesn’t have to be the obvious fears. Very often the central fears of our incarnation are rather subtle. Like the fear not to be worthy of love and belonging. The fear to be a fake, a pretense. Oftentimes we aren’t even aware of them.

And so we are stuck in an incarnation full of fear, we are fearfully incarnated. Even if we become heroes – that would still be motivated out of fear.

Fear cannot be overcome within the frame of an incarnation. No matter how many victories you win. In all caskets fear is buried too.

If fear should fall off like an old shell, you have to take off the worn out coat of incarnations first.

See through everything about you that was never born, that will never die. Beyond words and feelings, beyond yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Then everything can finally carry on as it always has been anyway.

Photo credit: kallejipp / photocase.com


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