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Go into the other direction

If you are listening to what others say, no matter if they are your friends, parents, workmates or teachers – then you are going into one direction.

If you are studying texts and scriptures, no matter if they are known, ancient or new – then you are going into the same direction.

If you are trusting your own experience, listening to your gut feeling, your intuition or your thoughts – then you are still going into this direction.

No matter where you want to go or what your destination might be: Establishing boundaries, being against, wanting to fight and to win- that is one path.

To smile at the apparent other, to embrace it, to go with it and go give it room – that is the other path. Is that often scary? Of course!

Why don’t you give the second direction a try? Chose something unpleasant that bothers you since quite some time. Take it into the light, smile at it, open your heart for it. Look consciously at it. Perceive it deliberately.

Only in this way it can really change. Only in this way it looses its power over you.

Another path begins right here. It could become your own. It could lead you to surprising fields. Courage needed.


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