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Have no Fear

Have no fear. Take the fearful by his hands. Look deep into his eyes. Tell him the following:

“Dear fearful, you are afraid since you have been born. You think you have to watch out so that nothing bad happens. You have a yearning for protection, a yearning for security. You want to understand life. Only then, you think, you don’t need to be afraid anymore. That is the future you wish for.

However, this future doesn’t exist. It only is a childlike wish. Because you always will feel small compared to the universe, vulnerable and naked. That is the pact of this human incarnation. That is what you agreed to, back then, a long time ago.

Therefore it is your good right to be fearful. You have all rights to be. Don’t push it away from you, don’t be ashamed.

You are the fearful, you always have been. The big empire of fear, you strode it east to west, from dawn to dusk, in sunshine and rain.

You tirelessly committed to your job. You always have been a loyal companion. You achieved everything a fearful can achieve. Well done, Bravo!

You payed your dues. Right here and now you crossed the finish line. You won’t receive a medal though, there are no fanfare sounds.

Have no fear to end your race.

Have no fear to dive into Being head first.

Have no fear of pain, joy, wonder, grief and love.

Have no fear.”

john krempl / photocase.com


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