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How would it be?

How would it be if your eyes really would see what’s going on in front of them? Because you’re not caught up in your stereotypes and anxieties.

How would it be if you would start every morning with a smile? Because every day a fresh universe appears.

How would it be if every person would be good for a surprise? Because one heart simply is connecting with another heart.

How would it be if every day is a service to Being? Because you are ready for whatever shows up.

How would it be if you don’t have to prove anything? Because you feel that you are enough.

How would it be if you could trust life? Because you know that you are not bound by birth and death.

How would it be if you are just Here. Because you sense that it already is whole and immaculate.

How would that be?

Is it possible?

Of course. You won’t be able to avoid it permanently.

Photo credit: suze / photocase.com


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