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What is the meaning of the sun shining? What is the meaning of my heart beating? What is the meaning of my child smiling at me?

In these cases you most likely don’t ask for a meaning.

However: What is the meaning of me feeling unhappy? What is the meaning of my life drifting by void of any purpose? What is the meaning of me not getting anything done right?

Here you usually ask for a meaning. As in 1000 other situations.

Only mind or intuition are asking for meaning. Want to attach little meaning-tags to the events of a lifetime. Tags that are derived from a yesterday and that point to a tomorrow.

With those meaning-tags Being follows an unknown path, a lifetime turns into a project. And you become the unsure project manager of “your own” life.

Without meaning-tags, though, Being is just a present. Without ulterior motives, without objectives, fully spontaneous. And a lifetime can freely unfold. What a freedom!


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