26.02.2013 Nothing Else Keine Kommentare

How would it be if you had no opinion?

Did you ever ask yourself how it would be if you had no opinion on something? Only for a moment? If you could just observe everything that presents itself?

If no malicious voice inside your head is commenting things judgmentally? Or if you could only attend to this inner voice in a detached way?

In this case many things wouldn’t be the way you want them to be. Or the way you think would be right. Or the way you would have done them yourself.

But you would not even notice all of this if you would have no opinion.

You would stroll through the world like a newborn – wonder everywhere. You would openly approach every situation and everybody:

Your heart would embrace the wholeness of life without restrictions. A friendly smile would be your most natural facial expression and you most natural attitude.

That’s how it would be if you would have no opinion for a moment.

Anyway, I am afraid I don’t know how important my opinion has become lately.

Photo credit: kallejipp / photocase.com


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