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No path will lead you to your destination

As long as you think that you should follow a path, so long you are restricting yourself to your apparent human condition. You think something is missing. You believe there is something to reach.

As long as you are following a path, so long you are bound to space and time; because you are creating categories of here and there, now and later. What you are, though, is completely beyond space and time.

As long as you think a path would guide you to a better future, so long you are granting the mind or the heart the command over the world. They should be your guide. It is the world however, the universe, which is the guide for your heart and your mind.

No matter which path you follow – it might take you to another place. But no matter how many places you visit, they will be all equally as far away from that what you are looking for.

No path ever leads to the destination.

“So should I leave the path then?”, you are asking.

“That would only be a new path that you start”, I reply.

The different pathways don’t cause confusion – your anticipated destination is confusing.

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