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Quite often the impression arises that we are at a fork in our path and that we have the choice between several options for our life. That it is about making a decision. A decision about the next years in our relationship, our job, our surroundings, for or against moving to a new town.

The whole time we act as if there are a number of pathways – straight, left, or right. But this is only a nice illusion of our mind.

On the surface of this planet there is exactly one path for you. And that is the very path that you create step by step – that you walk step by step.

All other “paths” are mere thoughts about something else. Smoke and mirrors, Just a mirage. All other “paths” never happened, will never happen.

You cannot repeat the last step. The next step did not surface yet.

Don’t let the thoughts confuse you. There is no master of the universe who exactly knows what is there to do in one week, one month or one year. There is no decider, no controller, no coper. There is only he or she, making this one step.

Don’t be talked into believing that your life could succeed or fail. The value of life is not assessed according to the quality of your steps at all. The value of your life has fully unfolded since the second you were born.

No step, no path, no victory, could ever enlarge or reduce the value of life.

You cannot make any mistakes.

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