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Questions are the difficult part, not answers

Many people who are seeking tell me regularly that they wouldn’t find answers. This sounds as if they sit on a big pile of questions that is not getting smaller over time. We get the impression that it is really difficult to get good answers even for rather simple questions.

But this doesn’t fit my own experiences at all. For me it usually was much more difficult to get my questions to the point than finding the corresponding answers. This was mainly because my questions started out pretty much at the surface. Want an example?

“How can I find fulfillment in life?” Great question, right? Wrong! This question is completely superficial. The answer is painfully obvious: “No idea whatsoever.” All other answers are simply nonsensical.

This question looks for a blueprint that gives me a 100% guarantee that something particular will happen – fulfillment. But nobody can say that. Of course there are blueprints from other people in the past. But it is absolutely unclear if they will work for me and my future as well. In addition this question calls for a future that basically become predictable as soon as I use a certain recipe. How silly! We are not Harry Potter and we don’t brew magic potions. Therefore the answer simply needs to be, “no idea whatsoever”.

The more interesting question in this respect could be: “What can I do to get closer to fulfillment in my life?” Wow, what a difference! I am switching on my fulfillment radar with it. To be able to do so, I need to define some checks and balances beforehand that tell me the current degree of fulfillment in life. Otherwise I could not even tell if fulfillments becomes more or less.

Do you notice the difference? Suddenly I am concentrating on myself, my emotions, my acting in the world. And fulfillment is no longer something that will happen fully developed at a specific time in the future. Instead, it is something that already is present to a certain extent right now.

And the answer to this question? Well, quite simple. Make a step, find out if this brings me any further, if yes: continue. If not: try something else.

For me it always have been the questions that were difficult to catch. Often it took me a long time to nail them down or to admit them. But as soon as they surfaced the rest became rather easy.

Would you like some all time favorites? Here they are:

“How can I flee this?” Answer: “Not at all.”

“What can I do to wake up / find enlightenment / become happy / stay healthy / live long / have a happy marriage / bring peace to earth / … ?” Answer: “No idea whatsoever.”

“Why don’t I understand IT?” Answer: “IT can’t be understood.”

See, that’s how easy you find answers. Most likely though, these are not the answers you were hoping for.

Question: “Why do I get unsatisfactory answers?”

Answer: “Because you are asking unsatisfactory questions.”

The questions are the difficult part, not the answers. Don’t give up finding the real questions for you. Answers will follow.

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