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I don’t know

If there is truth, it cannot be recognized. Since who should be able to recognize truth?

If there is truth, it cannot be thought. No thinker could fathom the true.

Wherever this mind, this intuition identifies truth, recognizes truth – there it won’t be.

Everything that “I” consider true is untrue for sure.

“I” know nothing about truth, will never know anything about it.

Is there truth?

I don’t know.

However, there is an answer.

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Some questions

Obviously you want something. Otherwise you would have a different look on your face. But what is it that you want?

What is your utmost concern?

What is your utmost concern right now, in this very moment? What are you longing for?

What is your utmost concern throughout this stage of your life? What would need to happen to make room so that another stage starts?

What is your utmost concern regarding your spiritual search? What do you need to allow yourself to come to stop?

What is your utmost concern in this incarnation? How do you decide how “successful” you will have been?

Dare to frame an answer for each of these questions. If desired, take the freedom to burn them tomorrow.

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In Truth,

All prayers are answered;

Sometimes, the answer is No.

-Wu Hsin- approx. 300 BCE

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Here and Now

Quite often we are playing games with the present moment. Mentioning how great it is to be in the Here and Now or to be mindful in life.

This viewpoint is pure sugar coating, is fairytale-like.

In reality we are afraid to completely devote ourselves to the present moment, afraid to let go of the steering wheel.

Our fear basically revolves around one question: “What else could the present moment demand from me?”

And the answer is obvious: “The present moment will demand everything from you – for sure.”

The more interesting question is this: “What else will the present moment give to me?”

The answer is the same: “The present moment will give you everything – for sure.”

The present moment is everything there is. Right Here, right Now.

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Questions are the difficult part, not answers

Many people who are seeking tell me regularly that they wouldn’t find answers. This sounds as if they sit on a big pile of questions that is not getting smaller over time. We get the impression that it is really difficult to get good answers even for rather simple questions.

But this doesn’t fit my own experiences at all. For me it usually was much more difficult to get my questions to the point than finding the corresponding answers. This was mainly because my questions started out pretty much at the surface. Want an example?

“How can I find fulfillment in life?” Great question, right? Wrong! This question is completely superficial. The answer is painfully obvious: “No idea whatsoever.” All other answers are simply nonsensical.
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The great opportunity

Are you a seeker? Somebody set out on a journey? Who follows a spiritual school or teaching? Who meditates, practices, refines?

If your journey would have ever come to an end: What would have changed in your life? What would have ceased? What would have begun?

Those are the three crucial questions! If you have the audacity to seriously ask yourself those questions, something big can happen. The answers can radically transform your entire life.

This can happen because the answers show you unmistakably what you think is wrong in your life. What you are longing for the most. What you are running away from. What causes you the most excruciating pain.

To fully realize this requires bravery and stamina. I salute every man and every woman who is working on these three questions!
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Could it Be?

Could it be that a long time ago you have awarded an important contract?

A contract for a type of early warning system for the imponderables and risks of life? An early warning system that constantly looks into the future, warning you shortly before something precarious is going to happen? It’s really handy such an early warning system. Could be a life saver.

Most likely you awarded that contract to your mind back then. “My pleasure”, he might have said. Ever since he is thinking like crazy, trying to understand everything, trying to recognize interrelations. Trying to be your advisor.
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