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Under this human fur

Human furRight under this human fur here

Lays exactly the very quality of Being

That lets the sun rise every morning.

The very quality of Being that

Since the beginning of time

Created mountains, rivers and lakes.

The very quality of Being

From which time and space emanate.

So why only touch this human fur

Our entire lifetime,

When we are actually engulfed

By the sheer wonder of Being?

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Being does not wear plaid

Right and wrong,

That does not provide any orientation.

That is only

What thoughts want Being to fit into.

But Being does not wear plaid.

Being is not right.

Being is not wrong.

Being is.

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What a profound joke

JokeBeing always is spontaneous.

Being always changes naturally.

I am an inseparable part of it.

Only my thoughts sometimes insist

That is has to be otherwise.

What a profound joke.

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The good sides

Good SidesBeing does not care about

Your attitude in meeting it.

Because all attitudes are equally appreciated.

For Being, love and tenderness

Are not any better than anger and rage.

Being is intimately acquainted

With all possible mindsets and feelings.

No subtle inner movement

Can you ever hide from it.

If you like, you can very well stop

Trying to expose only your good sides to Being.

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The timeless cosmic dance

Getting up, how can I possibly know what will happen at lunchtime?

How should I even know what will happen next?

Just because I think I have experienced similar situations numerous times?

Because I believe all work days are the same?

No fish knows where the big swarm moves next.

What I truly am follows this natural movement joyfully.

The thought of it is frightening though.

But what do thoughts about Being matter?

In every second Being invites you to dance the timeless cosmic dance.

Go on!

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Right and Wrong

Right and WrongRight and wrong are just categories of the human mind.

Being doesn’t know either.

Being does not care in which mental box I want to put it.

Sometimes it looks as if the whole Cosmos is laughing out loud about all the thoughts of mankind.

Most likely because they will have completely changed in only one minute.

No matter what you think – there is Nobody at the steering wheel.

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If Only

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts arrogantly pretend to be able to judge Cosmos.

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts act as if they could offer an alternative to Being here and now.

Both are not true.

“If only” always appears as part of Cosmos, within Here and Now.

I cannot escape Being, not even for a second.

So why act as if?

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Air, Water, Being

No breath can fathom the nature of air. No dewdrop can fathom the nature of water. No thought can fathom the nature of Being.

Every breath is made of air. Every dewdrop is water. Every thought is Being acting.

And still thoughts try to decipher Being. Want thoughts to understand Being.

That is impossible. That is pure suffering.

As soon as this is seen through, the head feels much much lighter.

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Beyond the quest for meaning

Yesterday I wrote, Being beyond the quest for meaning is just a present, fully spontaneous.

To perceive Being, to perceive life as what it is, you have to push aside all your images about life. Otherwise you walk through life with your own measuring stick, checking if everything is set up according to your desires.

But how can that possible be, having no images about life? Having no expectations about life?
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What is the meaning of the sun shining? What is the meaning of my heart beating? What is the meaning of my child smiling at me?

In these cases you most likely don’t ask for a meaning.

However: What is the meaning of me feeling unhappy? What is the meaning of my life drifting by void of any purpose? What is the meaning of me not getting anything done right?

Here you usually ask for a meaning. As in 1000 other situations.
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