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Everything that appears in front of these eyes,

All perceptions,

All feelings,

All thoughts,

Are occurring

Within the present moment.

This body,

My counterpart,

Birth, aging and death,

All the present moment.


Not understanding,




Are just the present moment.

Even the illusion of “me”

Emerges and ceases

Right here, right now.

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Thin curtain

Thin curtainIf you would be aware that this human body is not as solid as it seems to be.

Aware that it is almost entirely emptiness – emptiness between individual atoms, emptiness within atoms.

That emptiness is permeating each and every cell.

This body could be as translucent as a thin curtain through which the background can be vaguely discerned.

Would all this help you to realize that this human body is nothing but an appearance in consciousness?

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The Witness

I witness everything this finger points at.

I witness everything this thought now thinks about.

This tree here, that person there – I am their witness.

The eagle in the sky, the shark in the sea – they exist through me alone.

Andreas, this body; very easy to think them both.

Ego, higher self, happiness: see above.

What happened before this witness appeared?

What will happen after this witness disappears?

A world was created.

A world will cease.

Being did not even blink once.

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One of these days

Today is one of these days where the mouth has nothing to say,

Where the mind has no particular ideas,

Where the body has no special emotions.

One of these days where it is utterly clear that the Cosmos doesn’t need a commentator,

Not even an observer.

One of these days where nothing is wrong,

Where no imperfections can be found,

Where everything is just as it is.

And still it is a day like any other.

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Don’t mistake this body-mind-organism for what you really are

This body-mind-organism is as exhalable as a soap-bubble. For a short moment it presents its briliant existence. Afterwards the universe seems as if it has never happened.

Around this body-mind-organism you are establishing a whole incarnation. Terms like “Higher self”, “realization”, “confusion” and “delusion” are buzzing around.

Nothing of this is you. Nothing of this is even getting close.

Don’t mistake this body-mind-organism for what you really are.

You are not bound to incarnations, not bound to pathways, emotions and thoughts. All this might occur – the question, though, is where? Inside of you? As a part of you?

Where should this center possibly be, this “I”? Also “you” won’t ultimately find “yourself”.

Perhaps you really are. But even then this body-mind-organism has nothing to do with you.

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You are this present Moment

This present moment in which thoughts arise together with the perception of a body and emotions.

This present moment that forms the illusion of separateness. An apparent I, separated from the rest of an apparent world.

This present moment in which ideas of yesterday exist and of tomorrow. Ideas of a here and a there.

This present moment within which the dream of a lost homeland is dreamt and the quest to return to it.

This present moment in which all knowledge is melting away and not-knowning appears. In which all form disintegrates and emptiness becomes the best friend.

This present moment which silences all thoughts about something beyond it.

This present moment which fills everything, surrounds everything, permeates everything.

This present moment, this is you.

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Nothing Else

This, which is currently present, is what we are.

It has nothing to do with emotions because feelings arise as a part of it.

It has nothing to do with thoughts because thinking happens as a part of it too.

It is independent of this body-mind-organism since this organism appears and disappears within it.

It has nothing to do with a perception of “I”. All I-concepts are just an erratic part of it.

On a nameless level it is what you are familiar with the most.

Sometimes we are calling it the present moment. But even this is slightly off. Because this, which is present right now, is completely unaware of possible past and future moments.

What could it possibly be?

Honestly, I have no idea.

But what I know: Beside this, which is currently present, there is nothing else.

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No emotion could ever describe reality.

No thought could ever think reality either.

And no body could ever overcome reality.

Like fragments in a giant kaleidoscope – that meet, get stuck, but eventually drift along.

“How scary”, you might say.

“How splendid”, I reply.

“How absurd”, you might think.

“How perfect”, I ponder.

“But what should be the meaning of all this?”, you might ask.

The whole cosmos is nothing other than the constant answer to this question.

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Tangled or disentangled? An experiment for you

Consciously or subconsciously you have a definition of “you”, of what is “you”.

The body that you might consider yours.
Thoughts that you might consider yours.
Emotions that you might consider yours.

And even if you don’t claim ownership for them, you might believe that you are the space within your body. That thoughts and emotions arise inside you, within you.

In this way a big epic was formed over the years: Your life story.

But how well does this epic suit the current life situation? How beneficial are these inner constructs for you? How much do they put you in a strait jacket since they are defining for you what is possible and what is not?
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Eye meets Universe

This morning, very early, perhaps around 5 a.m. Eye opens and a whole universe appears.

A small section of the sky in the roof-light. A single star, whose light is falling into the eye.

Immediate contact, eye meets universe. Universe meets eye. That’s the point where thoughts are occurring.

Universe appears, thoughts occur, a body is felt. Time starts, Nobody who might be surprised.

Eye meets universe.



There is nothing else.