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“Real” Clouds

Real cloudsNo cloud would consider

To fight for its place in the sky

Or to move to any place different

Than where the wind is blowing.

It would not be afraid

To merge with other clouds

Or to completely dissolve.

No cloud would consider it important

To understand the nature of the sky

To become a “real” cloud.

Why the heck do we think

That down here on earth

Different rules should apply?

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The pastWhat is the past other than a play inside my head?

Thoughts arise, creating stories and legends with me on center stage.

Supposedly, all of this has happened.

Supposedly, all of this has formed me.

I wonder if the cloud, too, claims that its present form has been determined by its past?

Does its uniqueness really require any explanation?

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Like the clouds

Like the cloudsSometimes there is the idea that our personal story should permanently reflect success, love, health and happiness.

That’s as if I expect all clouds in the sky to be white. And that the dark ones would disappear forever.

Sometimes there is the idea that our personal story should stop, come to an end. So that we are liberated from it.

That’s as if I seriously expect the sky to be blue and cloudless forever.

Like every individual cloud, our personal story is beautifully unique.

Like every individual cloud, our personal story means constant change.

No reason to attribute any deeper meaning to it.

But still I’m sometimes laying on my back, watching the sky for hours. Gazing at the play of the clouds with childlike joy.

What could be wrong about that?

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True Stillness

Sometimes it seems to us as if everything around us is just noisy. Noisy outside with all the fuss on the streets, the noisy office in which I might work right now. My kids who are screaming extra loud today.

And inside too. All the thoughts that are racing through my head, my inner voice that bugs me today. On top perhaps an emotional roller coaster.

True stillness, however, has nothing to do with something being noisy or quiet. True stillness exists in the middle of everyday chaos and uproar. It is independent of you noticing it or not.

True stillness has nothing to do with finding the gap between two thoughts or with letting thoughts pass by like clouds in meditation.

Many people think they would somehow be transformed as soon as they have found true stillness. What a nonsense. No “me” was ever able to discover true stillness at all.

Because if a “me” would become truly still, it would disappear altogether. It would become clear that a “me” doesn’t cast a shadow on the canvas of stillness.

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