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WantingI thought I wanted to write something.

But then came our cat,

Squinted at me and wanted to be pet.

Actually it is rather often the case

That Andreas wants something

And Cosmos wants something else.

Over here it became quite natural

To follow what Cosmos suggests.

Even for Andreas

From what Andreas wants,

Only stories arise.

Out of what Cosmos suggests,

Something completely different unfolds.

Keine Kommentare

The timeless cosmic dance

Getting up, how can I possibly know what will happen at lunchtime?

How should I even know what will happen next?

Just because I think I have experienced similar situations numerous times?

Because I believe all work days are the same?

No fish knows where the big swarm moves next.

What I truly am follows this natural movement joyfully.

The thought of it is frightening though.

But what do thoughts about Being matter?

In every second Being invites you to dance the timeless cosmic dance.

Go on!

Keine Kommentare

Can you hear it?

Do you hear itNo matter in which mirror I look, I only notice your face.

No matter which footsteps I cross, they all look exactly like yours.

No matter whose hand I take, I can always feel your warmness.

No matter whom I am smiling at, it’s always you who smiles back.

No matter who I call, I am only meaning you.

These are the lines that Cosmos is whispering

Since the beginning of time.

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Keine Kommentare

Right and Wrong

Right and WrongRight and wrong are just categories of the human mind.

Being doesn’t know either.

Being does not care in which mental box I want to put it.

Sometimes it looks as if the whole Cosmos is laughing out loud about all the thoughts of mankind.

Most likely because they will have completely changed in only one minute.

No matter what you think – there is Nobody at the steering wheel.

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Keine Kommentare

If Only

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts arrogantly pretend to be able to judge Cosmos.

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts act as if they could offer an alternative to Being here and now.

Both are not true.

“If only” always appears as part of Cosmos, within Here and Now.

I cannot escape Being, not even for a second.

So why act as if?

Keine Kommentare

Voyage of discovery

I still don’t understand how people manage to permanently look bleak or grumpy. Corners of their mouths habitually pulled down, moody facial expression.

What may these people think, what may they feel? That remains a mystery.

Right here Cosmos unfolds with a palpable undertone of joy and vitality. Each and every moment unseen, unfelt, unnoticed.

Sometimes I might look grumpy too, sure. After a very short time, though, that is forgotten. And then I have no idea again what might be written in my face.

Because Cosmos simply is so rousing. A constant voyage of discovery.

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Keine Kommentare

Stars don’t fall from the sky for people

Sometimes we wish a sign would appear. And through this sign we would recognize the path, we would feel relief, we would gain hope. So we plead for a star to fall from the sky.

Sure enough stars are falling from the sky. Sure enough we recognize the path and we are gaining hope. And then? How does this story end every single time?
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Keine Kommentare


How paradoxical:

Life is spontaneous, but we need to plan everything.

Somebody is smiling at us, but we are distrustful.

A new day begins effortlessly, but we feel weighed down.

Cosmos radiates certitude, but we are essentially anxious.

The present moment offers endless options, but we are stuck in our habits.

Being invites us with a “Here, please”, but we say “No thanks”.

Somehow this seems to be deeply human.

Somehow “human” often seems to mean weird.

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Keine Kommentare

The Looking Glass of Cosmos

Every “Me” shudders that the looking glass of Cosmos could remain black. Because in the looking glass of Cosmos everything related to a person would never cast a shadow.

In the looking glass of Cosmos the part of you reflected is that which is not bound to time and space. The part that effectively makes you unique.

Whatever shows in the looking glass of Cosmos can not be put into words, thoughts or feelings. It is intimately familiar regardless.

To speculate or to argue about the looking glass of Cosmos does not get you any closer. Everything you need to know you are already aware of.

“But where this looking glass of Cosmos?”, you might ask.

Countless times you already passed it.

You averted your gaze from the looking glass of Cosmos every time – a split second before you would have perceived yourself.

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Keine Kommentare


Within our little personal story drama will show up sooner or later. Drama about our victories and defeats, drama about our friends and enemies, drama about our injuries from the past and goals for the future.

Apparently drama and our personal story belong to each other inseparably. And basically we know that – but we tend to forget it over and over again. Then we are looking for a solution for our problems or the fulfillment of our dreams within our personal little story.

As long as there is a somebody who wants to tackle problems or as long as there is a seeker who wants to achieve goals, so long will drama join too. That seems inevitable.

Beyond the personal story, however, there is no drama at all.
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