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“Real” Clouds

Real cloudsNo cloud would consider

To fight for its place in the sky

Or to move to any place different

Than where the wind is blowing.

It would not be afraid

To merge with other clouds

Or to completely dissolve.

No cloud would consider it important

To understand the nature of the sky

To become a “real” cloud.

Why the heck do we think

That down here on earth

Different rules should apply?

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Heaven and Earth

Sometimes we read that we as humans are the connection between heaven and earth. With our feet on the ground and our head in the sky.

Perhaps that is true for the body-mind-organism. For the time between birth and death.

What you are, though, lets heaven and earth appear.

You are the blue in the sky and the brown of the soil.

You are the frame for every human incarnation.

You have been here before this planet emerged.

You will be here when this sun fades away.

You no longer need goodnight stories.