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Intimately familiar

Intimately familiarThe present moment is intimately familiar to us. Beyond concepts, beyond words, beyond the consideration if we feel good right now or not.

One part of us intuitively recognizes this connection. It is the part who just witnesses the present moment, who simply says “Yes”. “Yes, that’s how it is”. Without an agenda, without judgement.

Another part is terrified by whatever unfolds right now. Terrified to be washed away. Terrified to drown in the enormous vitality of Here and Now.

Each is OK. Each defines our human condition.

When we realize that there is no contradiction, something extraordinary happens.

Sometimes it is called authenticity. But that is a truly ridiculous term.

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Beyond the quest for meaning

Yesterday I wrote, Being beyond the quest for meaning is just a present, fully spontaneous.

To perceive Being, to perceive life as what it is, you have to push aside all your images about life. Otherwise you walk through life with your own measuring stick, checking if everything is set up according to your desires.

But how can that possible be, having no images about life? Having no expectations about life?
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A fearful incarnation

Even if you don’t notice your small personal story – it is there nevertheless. Like the canvass on which this incarnation apparently unfolds. There is nothing wrong with that because every incarnation needs a story.

The unfortunate fact is that every story in its core is based upon fear. And it doesn’t have to be the obvious fears. Very often the central fears of our incarnation are rather subtle. Like the fear not to be worthy of love and belonging. The fear to be a fake, a pretense. Oftentimes we aren’t even aware of them.

And so we are stuck in an incarnation full of fear, we are fearfully incarnated. Even if we become heroes – that would still be motivated out of fear.
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True Giving

Quite regularly Being wants something from us. Demands that we bid farewell, that we let go, that we give away. Frequently it is about things that are dear and precious to us.

A job that we do that became stale a long time ago – “Let go”, Being whispers.

Our nice house where we have to move out of – “Give it up”, Being says.

A marriage that only exists on paper anymore – “Say good-bye and split up as friends”, Being demands.

Those are examples for the big turning points in life. In many cases Being is talking more softly:
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It depends

Inside of you there is no successful one, no fearful one, no lover. There is no seeker, no enlightened one, no stumbling one, no fighter.

Of course it is convenient to think and talk like this about you and the “parts of your personality” – nevertheless it completely misses the point.

Success appears, fear and love. Seeking appears, enlightenment, stumbling and fight.

You are none of the above.

All of this is just summer lightning within a human incarnation. Shortly after all that is gone.

But you are still there.

Or you are still not there – it depends.

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The present moment takes away everything from you

In the end the present moment takes away everything from you.

Everything you considered certain.

Everything you liked about yourself and also everything you didn’t like.

Everything you were afraid of.

Everything you were proud of.

Everything you found embarrassing.

Everything you work towards to.

Everything you are looking forward to.

Everything you are wishing for.

Everything that you thought was a goal for you.

Everything that you find boring.

Everything that you think you control.

Everything that you know.

Everything that you don’t know.

What remains?

Actually quite simple.


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The cosmic joke

Deep inside of our personality lurks the three big human fears: The fear of being a loser, the fear not to be worth of love and the fear of impermanence.

And year by year we do what humans just do with these fears:

We usually deny them. And so we are setting up a facade that is so fragile that we are permanently busy patching the cracks.

Or we are fighting the fears. And life becomes a tragedy in which we are either the hero, the clown or the wicked witch; sometimes the victim too.
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Who would you be without all your wishes?

Who would you be if you could let go of all your wishes? All dreams, all plans, all goals?

Christmas in about 6 weeks: Presents that you need to buy, preparations that you need to take care of, perhaps family stress that you are concerned about and that you would like to avoid. Happy faces and warm hearts that you are wishing for.

At work: Reorganization, layoffs or a chance for promotion. Conflicts with colleagues or bosses that need to be resolved. The new project that you are looking forward to. The one where you can picture yourself as the winner already.

2013 with vacations, family functions, planned purchases, the wish to finally have more time for this and that.

All this lays in the future – and it guides your thinking, feeling and behavior. Consciously or unconsciously. Did you ever ask yourself how many of these wishes, dreams, plans and goals you have?
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A Life on Autopilot

Occasionally we say something is running on autopilot. But what if a whole life is running on autopilot? At a certain time it was switched on and ever since you are just a passenger in the cockpit.

The autopilot always brings you to your destination – guaranteed. The autopilot of life is doing exactly this. The destination in this case, however, is your own casket. All other destinations are unknown to it.
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Have no Fear

Have no fear. Take the fearful by his hands. Look deep into his eyes. Tell him the following:

“Dear fearful, you are afraid since you have been born. You think you have to watch out so that nothing bad happens. You have a yearning for protection, a yearning for security. You want to understand life. Only then, you think, you don’t need to be afraid anymore. That is the future you wish for.

However, this future doesn’t exist. It only is a childlike wish. Because you always will feel small compared to the universe, vulnerable and naked. That is the pact of this human incarnation. That is what you agreed to, back then, a long time ago.
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