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Everything that appears in front of these eyes,

All perceptions,

All feelings,

All thoughts,

Are occurring

Within the present moment.

This body,

My counterpart,

Birth, aging and death,

All the present moment.


Not understanding,




Are just the present moment.

Even the illusion of “me”

Emerges and ceases

Right here, right now.

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All that happens

Walking happens.
Talking happens.
Sleeping happens.
Viewing happens.
Good feelings happen.
Bad feelings happen.
Confusion happens.
Recognition happens.
Thinking happens.
A whole life happens.

It’s all perfect.

And then the little voice inside our head speaks up:
“It would be better if something else would happen.”
As soon as you believe this voice, problems arise.

Although: Problems happen.

It’s still perfect.

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Don’t believe

Don’t believe your thoughts,

Neither your feelings,

Nor your perceptions.

Thoughts, feelings and perceptions want to convince you

That you have been born and are going to die,

That something is wrong with you,

That you have to search and find something.

None of that is true.

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Nothing Else

This, which is currently present, is what we are.

It has nothing to do with emotions because feelings arise as a part of it.

It has nothing to do with thoughts because thinking happens as a part of it too.

It is independent of this body-mind-organism since this organism appears and disappears within it.

It has nothing to do with a perception of “I”. All I-concepts are just an erratic part of it.

On a nameless level it is what you are familiar with the most.

Sometimes we are calling it the present moment. But even this is slightly off. Because this, which is present right now, is completely unaware of possible past and future moments.

What could it possibly be?

Honestly, I have no idea.

But what I know: Beside this, which is currently present, there is nothing else.

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Just a little reminder:

You can not control the person next to you.

You can not control feelings.

You can not control the weather.

You can not control thoughts.

You can not control the present moment.

You can not control life.

You can not control death.

You can not control the universe.

Control is an illusion.

I think you once knew that.

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Amidst the Intimacy of Life

What you are is totally independent on whether you feel relaxed or tired, whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, healthy or sick, happy or unhappy, beloved or unloved.

All that are just different coats that you put on or pack away depending on atmospheric conditions.

Don’t become unsettled by these feelings. Notice the core that is at the center of all of it.

Notice the core that remains unchanged from all these situations and experiences. The core that unshakably is always present. The core that provides confident support for the surprises and irritations of a human life. The core that never turns away. The core that smiles at the world.

Notice the core that allows you to stay in the middle of the indescribable intimacy of life, independent of your mental or physical condition.

That is the altar on which you may sacrifice as much as you want.

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Fall Feelings

Fall – that’s a time for freshness after the summer air was hot and stuffy.

Fall – that’s a time for regeneration because we will need energy during the winter.

Fall – that’s a time for wonder since nature is surprising us so regularly.

Fall – that’s a time for smiles after we worked so grimly before.

Fall – that’s a time for dawn despite that the nights are getting longer.

Fall – that’s a time for joy after reaping a rich harvest.

Fall – that’s a time for contemplation because there is nothing left to do outside.

Fall – that is right now.

What are your fall feelings?

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Good Feelings – Bad Feelings

There are no good and bad feelings – there are only feelings. Feelings occur, are being noticed, take their course, disappear. Everything else is just a story about the human condition.

Just let feelings take their course: Can that be? What about “my” distress, “my” pain, “my” losses then? The same holds for “my” successes, “my” heroic tales, “my” little bit of happiness.
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