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No traces whatsoever

How can you say that you have seen such a sunrise before?

Or this person that you love?

How can you say that you have smelled this scent before, have done this job before?

Every single moment is like a pristine snow-covered landscape – no traces whatsoever.

Perhaps you only hear your heart thumping.

That is absolutely sufficient.

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True Freedom

Where are you searching true freedom? What needs to happen so that you feel free? Or, to put it in another way: Would you even notice if you were free?

Your mind can endlessly ponder about these questions. However, true freedom cannot be thought. Your heart can endlessly sense into these questions. However, true freedom cannot be felt. Your intuition can create endless chains of associations on this theme. But true freedom can’t even be highlighted.

True freedom can only be lived. Doesn’t need a grand gesture. Doesn’t need to prove anything. True freedom is never freedom from something – but freedom for something.

True freedom has always been a part of you. Nobody can take it away. Not even the voice inside your head telling you otherwise. True freedom didn’t start with birth. It won’t cease with death.

True freedom has countless forms of expression. No matter what you did during the last 10 seconds – that’s how true freedom is expressed.

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Don’t stop giving

Don’t stop giving. Don’t base it on how much you get back in return. What you can give is not limited, it never runs dry. You won’t be left empty-handed.

True giving comes from the connection of the heart. You don’t have to do anything for it, just being ready.

Sometimes you give a smile, sometimes words of comfort, sometimes a gift. Sometimes you give a ‘no’ since giving doesn’t always mean ‘yes’. Trust your heart. It knows the language of giving.

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Go into the other direction

If you are listening to what others say, no matter if they are your friends, parents, workmates or teachers – then you are going into one direction.

If you are studying texts and scriptures, no matter if they are known, ancient or new – then you are going into the same direction.

If you are trusting your own experience, listening to your gut feeling, your intuition or your thoughts – then you are still going into this direction.

No matter where you want to go or what your destination might be: Establishing boundaries, being against, wanting to fight and to win- that is one path.
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To feel connected to others, that is a central human need. A deep feeling of connectedness, of belonging, that is what many people say is an important part of purpose and happiness in life.

When I understand you correctly, than you can never have enough of it, it can always be a little more, right?

Perhaps you think that there is a shortage of connections around you. That you are, deep in your heart, lonely and isolated. But is that really true?
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How would it be?

How would it be if your eyes really would see what’s going on in front of them? Because you’re not caught up in your stereotypes and anxieties.

How would it be if you would start every morning with a smile? Because every day a fresh universe appears.

How would it be if every person would be good for a surprise? Because one heart simply is connecting with another heart.
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You don’t have a Soul

Be glad since you don’t have a soul. No soul that you would need to guard, that you would need to watch. No soul that needs to be saved, later, after your death. No soul that is frail and needs protection. No little vulnerable frightened human soul.

Soul fulfills you, lets every fiber of your body live on moment by moment. Soul inspires you, grants you every single thought. Soul lets your heart well up with joy in certain situations; lets your heart grieve in others.

Soul is powerful and helpless at the same time. Soul is beyond time and still present incessantly. Soul only knows truth, never falseness.

All this is soul. All this is you.

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Slower Please!

Sometimes everything is just too fast. Endless impressions staccato style, almost unbearably intense. Neon-like fragments flashing through bursts of consciousness. Eyes in distress – left, right, near and far.

Slower please! Isn’t there a slow motion button?

The heart is overflowing with emotion. No words that are getting halfway close to this wonder. Uniqueness and intimacy everywhere. Countless traces and imprints.

Slurring brain, drunk from the sway of the nameless here and now. “Slower please!”, almost pleading now.

The whole universe beams. Trillions of invitations, every imaginable movement is welcome. Impossible to err.

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Fall in Love with the Cracks

Resist the temptation to make everything neat, smooth and perfect. The neat home, the smooth career, the perfect family. Neat, smooth and perfect only exist in glossy magazines.

To be able to recognize neat, smooth and perfect you actually have to latch on to your rose-colored glasses firmly. Otherwise life will blow them from your nose .

Allow yourself to notice the cracks too.
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