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Intimately familiar

Intimately familiarThe present moment is intimately familiar to us. Beyond concepts, beyond words, beyond the consideration if we feel good right now or not.

One part of us intuitively recognizes this connection. It is the part who just witnesses the present moment, who simply says “Yes”. “Yes, that’s how it is”. Without an agenda, without judgement.

Another part is terrified by whatever unfolds right now. Terrified to be washed away. Terrified to drown in the enormous vitality of Here and Now.

Each is OK. Each defines our human condition.

When we realize that there is no contradiction, something extraordinary happens.

Sometimes it is called authenticity. But that is a truly ridiculous term.

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If Only

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts arrogantly pretend to be able to judge Cosmos.

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts act as if they could offer an alternative to Being here and now.

Both are not true.

“If only” always appears as part of Cosmos, within Here and Now.

I cannot escape Being, not even for a second.

So why act as if?

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The present moment and “me”

There is no boundary between the present moment and “you”, no contact surface over which you could touch the present moment.

“I” and the present moment – that is like colored ink poured into a glass of water. After a short time all the water is colored. Ink and water have completely mixed.

The present moment is the color quality of “me”:

“I” is the color scheme that the present moment takes on here.

Now, now, and now.

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Catch 22

Everything about you that is established, inflexible or clearly defined is just a component of your small personal story.

All your strengths, all your shortcomings. All your victories, all your defeats. All your opinions, all your right and wrongs. All your character traits: Just building blocks of a petty story.

Beyond the story there is no need for stiffness, for rigidness.

Beyond the story the present moment flows calmly from Now to Now.

A part of you likes that, longs for this constantly changing liveliness.

Another part is petrified. Is terrified to question everything that you have been apparently fighting for so long. That you have been apparently suffering for so long.

And so you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. Catch 22.

And now?

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