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The timeless cosmic dance

Getting up, how can I possibly know what will happen at lunchtime?

How should I even know what will happen next?

Just because I think I have experienced similar situations numerous times?

Because I believe all work days are the same?

No fish knows where the big swarm moves next.

What I truly am follows this natural movement joyfully.

The thought of it is frightening though.

But what do thoughts about Being matter?

In every second Being invites you to dance the timeless cosmic dance.

Go on!

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How paradoxical:

Life is spontaneous, but we need to plan everything.

Somebody is smiling at us, but we are distrustful.

A new day begins effortlessly, but we feel weighed down.

Cosmos radiates certitude, but we are essentially anxious.

The present moment offers endless options, but we are stuck in our habits.

Being invites us with a “Here, please”, but we say “No thanks”.

Somehow this seems to be deeply human.

Somehow “human” often seems to mean weird.

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Invitation II

The invitation I was writing about yesterday is nothing abstract, nothing theoretical, nothing vague.

For me, this invitation that is offered by Being in every single second, is the most real, most palpable occurrence over here.

Every image that falls into my eyes, every sound that reaches my ears, are nothing else than the expression of this universal “Please”.

From moment to moment the 1000 facets of all these invitations are noticed and witnessed. “Look here…”. “And there gain…”.

They are all fresh, unique, unmistakable. Unthinkable that monotony could arise.

And so the sun follows its course – and a human organism casts a shadow.

Nothing Else

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Every single moment is an invitation

Every single moment is an invitation to you from Being.

An invitation to push your worries and concerns aside.

An invitation to let love freely flow.

An invitation to let go of your little personal story.

An invitation to feel connected with all existences.

An invitation to not regard yourself limited through birth and death.

An invitation to realize your cosmic dimension.

Every single moment truly is an invitation.

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You may smile

You may smile. Really – nothing bad will happen. You are allowed to encounter Being with a smile on your face. Or with 1000 different types of smiles.

A mischievous smile after you discovered something first. Or a friendly smile when your eyes meet a foreigner. Perhaps with an open smile, even if you don’t know what to expect.

Don’t restrict yourself to outer types of smiling only. Equally as beautiful is an inner smile that only your counterpart can sense.

Please feel free to discover the remaining 997 ways of smiling on your own – this is your invitation to go ahead.

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Slower Please!

Sometimes everything is just too fast. Endless impressions staccato style, almost unbearably intense. Neon-like fragments flashing through bursts of consciousness. Eyes in distress – left, right, near and far.

Slower please! Isn’t there a slow motion button?

The heart is overflowing with emotion. No words that are getting halfway close to this wonder. Uniqueness and intimacy everywhere. Countless traces and imprints.

Slurring brain, drunk from the sway of the nameless here and now. “Slower please!”, almost pleading now.

The whole universe beams. Trillions of invitations, every imaginable movement is welcome. Impossible to err.

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The Invitation Stands

You are invited to to be surprised, although not in the moments that you expect.

You are invited to be loved, although not for what you are revealing to us.

You are invited to laugh; although you must not be afraid to cry.

You are invited to get answers, although not for the questions you asked.

You are invited to find pathways; although they don’t start where you searched.

You are invited to find security; although you have to embrace all insecurity before.

You are invited to understand; although you have to leave all knowledge behind.

You are invited to a life; although it isn’t “yours”.

This invitation stands, it was always there.

Accept it whenever you want.

No RSVP required.

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You have always been at Home

You have always been at home. Where else could you be? Where is a place on this planet that not is “home”? Perhaps you haven’t realized yet but you have a huge home. Years and years you could march in one direction and still you didn’t find the entrance door. You are inside, not outside.

Perhaps that is the reason for your confusion? Perhaps you subconsciously expect to be carried over a threshold to come home? Do you think you have been thrown out a long time ago?

Look around, slowly. That is your home. Did you already give a house warming party by the way? Send out invitations!

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I guess you know them too: Umpteen photos and videos in newspapers and the media that are showing people with the corners of their mouths turned down. Lips firmly pressed together. Rigid facial features turned into permanent expression lines a long time ago.

I am rather sure: These people feel a lot of bitterness. Perhaps they are unaware of it or they are so used to their general mood that they find all this bitterness ordinary. Who knows?

Bitterness arises in numerous ways. But it arises for sure if we are debating with reality regularly. If we don’t let the world in front of our face be what it is. Which is that what is. Even more: Which is all there is.
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