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No desire

Over here there is no desire to change this life. To optimize it, to make dreams come true or to accomplish goals.

Even if everything would be be wonderful, even if everything would be bliss and eternal happiness, what then?

All of this would only be better as long as it is the life of Andreas. As long as there is a somebody saying “mine” to this life. As long as thoughts compare things back then with today.
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Beyond the quest for meaning

Yesterday I wrote, Being beyond the quest for meaning is just a present, fully spontaneous.

To perceive Being, to perceive life as what it is, you have to push aside all your images about life. Otherwise you walk through life with your own measuring stick, checking if everything is set up according to your desires.

But how can that possible be, having no images about life? Having no expectations about life?
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Life cannot fail

Even if it may sound like a repetition:

Life cannot fail.

You cannot ruin a lifetime, cannot muck it up, cannot blow it.

Life comes without reservations.

For the value of a lifetime, there is no, “only if …”

You are already at the 100% mark.

Life cannot fail.

Life cannot succeed.

Life cannot be divided.

Life is always whole.

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All that happens

Walking happens.
Talking happens.
Sleeping happens.
Viewing happens.
Good feelings happen.
Bad feelings happen.
Confusion happens.
Recognition happens.
Thinking happens.
A whole life happens.

It’s all perfect.

And then the little voice inside our head speaks up:
“It would be better if something else would happen.”
As soon as you believe this voice, problems arise.

Although: Problems happen.

It’s still perfect.

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Quite often the impression arises that we are at a fork in our path and that we have the choice between several options for our life. That it is about making a decision. A decision about the next years in our relationship, our job, our surroundings, for or against moving to a new town.

The whole time we act as if there are a number of pathways – straight, left, or right. But this is only a nice illusion of our mind.

On the surface of this planet there is exactly one path for you. And that is the very path that you create step by step – that you walk step by step.
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How paradoxical:

Life is spontaneous, but we need to plan everything.

Somebody is smiling at us, but we are distrustful.

A new day begins effortlessly, but we feel weighed down.

Cosmos radiates certitude, but we are essentially anxious.

The present moment offers endless options, but we are stuck in our habits.

Being invites us with a “Here, please”, but we say “No thanks”.

Somehow this seems to be deeply human.

Somehow “human” often seems to mean weird.

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Life cannot be squeezed into categories

Now in May nature sprouts with an enormous force.

Even in the rain gutter of the neighboring house there is a piece of moss on which a little green plant stretches upward. A few more millimeters every day.

Perhaps the next rain shower will wash it away.

The little shoot doesn’t care. It is a complete, indivisible expression of life. A perfect manifestation of everyday wonder.

Life cannot be squeezed into categories.

Life doesn’t need any vindication.

Life doesn’t require any additional meaning.

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Who decides?

Who actually decides?

How much scope of discretion do you have, how much decision-making authority?

In reality it is quite simple:

Life happens, Cosmos happens.

You are an unquestionable part of it.

So closely interwoven with it that no boundary can be found.

However, you are not deciding anything.

And you are not controlling anything either.

Because there is nothing to decide, there never was.

It is up to you what you are making out of it.

Or you might just release the tiller.

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Heroes and Extras

Everybody wants to be the hero in the story of their “own” life. Because in the end the hero is the glorious winner, gets all the applause and perhaps the academy award on top.

That’s what we want, that’s how our life should be!

Heros, however, only exist in Hollywood dreams. And even there they are bruised in the end, hurt, looking terribly tired.

In life, who do you want to conquer? Who do you want to fight against? Who should applaude you in the end?

Why don’t you actually let life itself be the hero in your own movie?

It is quite sufficient when you are just one of the extras, one of the supernumaries. Now and then walking through the scene, smiling friendly, shaking some hands.

Nothing more is required from your side. The rest of life happens on its own accord anyway.

OBTW: The extras usually return home at night still relaxed. And they have a good story to tell on top.

Why don’t you just become the extra in the great film of “your” life? A big burden will be taken off your shoulders.

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The dear meaning

Are “you” searching for the meaning of “your” life? In fact, life isn’t yours, can’t be owned by you.

Life doesn’t need to declare itself in terms of a meaning, doesn’t need to justify. To whom, anyway?

It’s utterly irrelevant if thoughts arise on your side, thinking they have discovered a meaning of life.

This whole quest for a meaning is basically driven by the fear not to make the best out of life, not to go all-in. Rumors have it that something bad is going to happen in this case. Ridiculous.

But these as well are just thoughts which are missing the point. Thinking that, you are subconsciously trying to establish a boundary between life an you.

Life already is whole, doesn’t exhibit a caveat. You haven’t been born under conditions, didn’t sign a life contract to push it to the max.

By the way: Where should this boundary between “you” and life be located anyway? Where do “you” end and where does life begin?

Life flows right through you.