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Every single moment is an invitation

Every single moment is an invitation to you from Being.

An invitation to push your worries and concerns aside.

An invitation to let love freely flow.

An invitation to let go of your little personal story.

An invitation to feel connected with all existences.

An invitation to not regard yourself limited through birth and death.

An invitation to realize your cosmic dimension.

Every single moment truly is an invitation.

Keine Kommentare

It depends

Inside of you there is no successful one, no fearful one, no lover. There is no seeker, no enlightened one, no stumbling one, no fighter.

Of course it is convenient to think and talk like this about you and the “parts of your personality” – nevertheless it completely misses the point.

Success appears, fear and love. Seeking appears, enlightenment, stumbling and fight.

You are none of the above.

All of this is just summer lightning within a human incarnation. Shortly after all that is gone.

But you are still there.

Or you are still not there – it depends.

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Keine Kommentare

Love wants to flow

Very often love is biased by our own individual ideas of it. It’s not about love per se but about our views on love. “When you really love me, then you have to/must not …”

This way love very quickly becomes something narrow. Something with many stipulations. Something that I have to critically assess. Sooner or later there is too little love in our lives, love becomes scarce. And if we look around, we notice that we are living in an unloving world that is emotionally shriveled.

It is not about finding love, heightening love, bringing love into the world. These as well are just little individual ideas – this time only from an angel-like perspective.
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Unnamed love

Being’s old shadow dance, and we are in the middle of it. Figments of mind which think of themselves as persons. Bitter battles for ownership of mere dramatic stories. Love that is disguised as contempt.

Something without a name always sees through this. Something else performs on stage with dedication. Incarnation lies in the field of this tension.

Sometimes One-Hand says, “I know all that. But I want to play anyway”.

And No-hand replies laughingly, “Nobody is here who ever issued a ban”.

In the end tears are flowing for One-Hand. With unnamed love No-Hand is embracing this too. One-Hand sighs quietly.

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Maintaining composure

Especially in the holiday season love wants to be expressed in numerous ways. Generosity can be felt, compassion, and sympathy.

There are deep feelings of bonding, connection, and warmth.

Joy is present everywhere, paired with gratitude.

An atmosphere of departure is in the air.

And people are struggling to keep their human facade. The facade that shouldn’t be cracked, that shouldn’t wear too thin. The human composure that needs to be maintained.

We mutually ensure ourselves to be human, with human feelings, human fears and human needs. And with a human god.

What would happen, by the way, if you wouldn’t fight to maintain your human composure any longer? If you would allow this, what is present right now, to fully touch you?

If you let yourself be flooded by all this generosity, this compassion, this love and the warmth.

What would appear when you wouldn’t care about your composure for a moment?

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We say hope is the last to die – people are desperate for hope. Without it, everything seems dark and dreary. Just hopeless.

But what is hope? How does it work?

Hope only exists in the future, whereas the present is everything you have.

For hope the things here are always insecure, whereas they are the most reliable to carry you.

Hope always suggests “You have to fight”, whereas your true face is “You might love”.

If it is currently raining don’t let them tell you it might stop soon.

Look into the other direction. The rainbow is right there.

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Have no Fear

Have no fear. Take the fearful by his hands. Look deep into his eyes. Tell him the following:

“Dear fearful, you are afraid since you have been born. You think you have to watch out so that nothing bad happens. You have a yearning for protection, a yearning for security. You want to understand life. Only then, you think, you don’t need to be afraid anymore. That is the future you wish for.

However, this future doesn’t exist. It only is a childlike wish. Because you always will feel small compared to the universe, vulnerable and naked. That is the pact of this human incarnation. That is what you agreed to, back then, a long time ago.
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The Fisherman in Tears

Some days ago, I watched a fisherman on TV. A guy from New Brunswick (Canada), at least in his mid 70′s. Still very upright, straight, strong. Formerly blonde hair, now mostly gray. Wind-leathery skin. Blue, alert eyes behind steel-framed glasses.

He had tears in his eyes as he spoke, many tears. He spoke about a big storm 50 years ago in 1962. For me 50 years seem long ago. He remembered details as if everything just happened yesterday.
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