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Right and Wrong

Right and WrongRight and wrong are just categories of the human mind.

Being doesn’t know either.

Being does not care in which mental box I want to put it.

Sometimes it looks as if the whole Cosmos is laughing out loud about all the thoughts of mankind.

Most likely because they will have completely changed in only one minute.

No matter what you think – there is Nobody at the steering wheel.

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Quite often the impression arises that we are at a fork in our path and that we have the choice between several options for our life. That it is about making a decision. A decision about the next years in our relationship, our job, our surroundings, for or against moving to a new town.

The whole time we act as if there are a number of pathways – straight, left, or right. But this is only a nice illusion of our mind.

On the surface of this planet there is exactly one path for you. And that is the very path that you create step by step – that you walk step by step.
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One of these days

Today is one of these days where the mouth has nothing to say,

Where the mind has no particular ideas,

Where the body has no special emotions.

One of these days where it is utterly clear that the Cosmos doesn’t need a commentator,

Not even an observer.

One of these days where nothing is wrong,

Where no imperfections can be found,

Where everything is just as it is.

And still it is a day like any other.

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Don’t believe thoughts

Thoughts that are arising usually have a clear opinion: “that’s right”, “that’s wrong”, “what a nonsense”. Thoughts are juicy, thoughts are the big show.

But are they right just because of that?

Don’t believe thoughts. What can a tiny bodiless voice know about the world anyway?

Especially when thoughts are painting a black and white picture – be extremely cautious.

The world may be colored.

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Don’t mistake this body-mind-organism for what you really are

This body-mind-organism is as exhalable as a soap-bubble. For a short moment it presents its briliant existence. Afterwards the universe seems as if it has never happened.

Around this body-mind-organism you are establishing a whole incarnation. Terms like “Higher self”, “realization”, “confusion” and “delusion” are buzzing around.

Nothing of this is you. Nothing of this is even getting close.

Don’t mistake this body-mind-organism for what you really are.

You are not bound to incarnations, not bound to pathways, emotions and thoughts. All this might occur – the question, though, is where? Inside of you? As a part of you?

Where should this center possibly be, this “I”? Also “you” won’t ultimately find “yourself”.

Perhaps you really are. But even then this body-mind-organism has nothing to do with you.

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Beginning and End

Where does a breath begin and where does it end?

Where does life begin and where does it end?

Where does an emotion begin and where does it end?

Where does awareness begin and where does it end?

The mind eagerly tackles these questions and churns out answer by answer. Cosmic laughter from the balconies.

What is beginning and end?

Honestly? I don’t have a breath of a notion.

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A new Day

A new day, the blue hour just before dawn.

A scent of springtime in the air. A flock of birds chirping in the tree next to the main station building.

Everything seems possible, a perceived infinite potential. The universe laid open all cards directly in front of you.

All weariness is suddenly gone.

And the human mind? The mind is in its own world again. Thinks of every day life, thinks of trouble, thinks of obligations.

Andreas smirks briefly. And then he welcomes this unexpected present.

A new day! To hell with the mind.

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An interesting question

The world doesn’t care about the human mind at all. It only shrugs its shoulders.

The human mind, however, cares a lot about the world. It is right in the center of its interest. Mind wants to understand everything.

The world always accepts mind as a part of itself.

The human mind can never accept the world as a part of itself.

The question is whether or not you can accept the world as a part of you?

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Tangled or disentangled? An experiment for you

Consciously or subconsciously you have a definition of “you”, of what is “you”.

The body that you might consider yours.
Thoughts that you might consider yours.
Emotions that you might consider yours.

And even if you don’t claim ownership for them, you might believe that you are the space within your body. That thoughts and emotions arise inside you, within you.

In this way a big epic was formed over the years: Your life story.

But how well does this epic suit the current life situation? How beneficial are these inner constructs for you? How much do they put you in a strait jacket since they are defining for you what is possible and what is not?
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True Freedom

Where are you searching true freedom? What needs to happen so that you feel free? Or, to put it in another way: Would you even notice if you were free?

Your mind can endlessly ponder about these questions. However, true freedom cannot be thought. Your heart can endlessly sense into these questions. However, true freedom cannot be felt. Your intuition can create endless chains of associations on this theme. But true freedom can’t even be highlighted.

True freedom can only be lived. Doesn’t need a grand gesture. Doesn’t need to prove anything. True freedom is never freedom from something – but freedom for something.

True freedom has always been a part of you. Nobody can take it away. Not even the voice inside your head telling you otherwise. True freedom didn’t start with birth. It won’t cease with death.

True freedom has countless forms of expression. No matter what you did during the last 10 seconds – that’s how true freedom is expressed.