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Some questions

Obviously you want something. Otherwise you would have a different look on your face. But what is it that you want?

What is your utmost concern?

What is your utmost concern right now, in this very moment? What are you longing for?

What is your utmost concern throughout this stage of your life? What would need to happen to make room so that another stage starts?

What is your utmost concern regarding your spiritual search? What do you need to allow yourself to come to stop?

What is your utmost concern in this incarnation? How do you decide how “successful” you will have been?

Dare to frame an answer for each of these questions. If desired, take the freedom to burn them tomorrow.

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An interesting question

The world doesn’t care about the human mind at all. It only shrugs its shoulders.

The human mind, however, cares a lot about the world. It is right in the center of its interest. Mind wants to understand everything.

The world always accepts mind as a part of itself.

The human mind can never accept the world as a part of itself.

The question is whether or not you can accept the world as a part of you?

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Nothing was ever hidden

Nothing was ever hidden. The cosmos doesn’t know secretiveness, why should it?

Billions of years and planets, trillions of life forms, countless colors and scents – where could anything be possibly hidden?

Nothing was ever hidden. Everything lays open in front of your eyes. You can recognize everything yet understand nothing.

None of your questions were replied to. Still, all answers have reached your ear.

The cosmos stands in front of you – ready to give you everything. But you say, “Not yet”.

Fortunately cosmos doesn’t know time nor space.

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You can’t understand life

Life does not follow “why” questions.

Why do I feel so small and vulnerable?

Why am I not as successful as I want to be?

Why don’t I find spiritual fulfillment?

[… space for your own "why" questions …]

These questions ask the inquirer inside you.

Throw them all in the incarnational garbage can; they have nothing to do with you.

No “you” can ever understand life.

That, what you truly are, never had a single question.

Life wouldn’t talk to itself like that.

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Do your own thing

Remain sceptic if others want to put their spiritual map into your hands. When they give you recipes and guidelines. The promise in these cases is always the same: “If you do this and that then I am promising that you will achieve…”.

But you are not machine with buttons that just need to be pressed. And it doesn’t mean anything for you that something might have worked for somebody else.

You are unique. That, what is expressed through you, exists only once. There on your side. Don’t try desperately to press it in a certain form. Proceeding according to the protocol certainly won’t fit for you.

Do your own thing. Be your own captain. Find your own compass. Make your own supposed mistakes.

When starting, the biggest challenge is a very simple one: Where is the top, where bottom? Which direction is north?

All those are important questions! You should answer them for yourself. But you have to start moving to be able to.

You only notice how the stars in the sky change once you are on your way.

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Questions are the difficult part, not answers

Many people who are seeking tell me regularly that they wouldn’t find answers. This sounds as if they sit on a big pile of questions that is not getting smaller over time. We get the impression that it is really difficult to get good answers even for rather simple questions.

But this doesn’t fit my own experiences at all. For me it usually was much more difficult to get my questions to the point than finding the corresponding answers. This was mainly because my questions started out pretty much at the surface. Want an example?

“How can I find fulfillment in life?” Great question, right? Wrong! This question is completely superficial. The answer is painfully obvious: “No idea whatsoever.” All other answers are simply nonsensical.
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The great opportunity

Are you a seeker? Somebody set out on a journey? Who follows a spiritual school or teaching? Who meditates, practices, refines?

If your journey would have ever come to an end: What would have changed in your life? What would have ceased? What would have begun?

Those are the three crucial questions! If you have the audacity to seriously ask yourself those questions, something big can happen. The answers can radically transform your entire life.

This can happen because the answers show you unmistakably what you think is wrong in your life. What you are longing for the most. What you are running away from. What causes you the most excruciating pain.

To fully realize this requires bravery and stamina. I salute every man and every woman who is working on these three questions!
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