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Can you hear it?

Do you hear itNo matter in which mirror I look, I only notice your face.

No matter which footsteps I cross, they all look exactly like yours.

No matter whose hand I take, I can always feel your warmness.

No matter whom I am smiling at, it’s always you who smiles back.

No matter who I call, I am only meaning you.

These are the lines that Cosmos is whispering

Since the beginning of time.

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How would it be if you had no opinion?

Did you ever ask yourself how it would be if you had no opinion on something? Only for a moment? If you could just observe everything that presents itself?

If no malicious voice inside your head is commenting things judgmentally? Or if you could only attend to this inner voice in a detached way?

In this case many things wouldn’t be the way you want them to be. Or the way you think would be right. Or the way you would have done them yourself.

But you would not even notice all of this if you would have no opinion.

You would stroll through the world like a newborn – wonder everywhere. You would openly approach every situation and everybody:

Your heart would embrace the wholeness of life without restrictions. A friendly smile would be your most natural facial expression and you most natural attitude.

That’s how it would be if you would have no opinion for a moment.

Anyway, I am afraid I don’t know how important my opinion has become lately.

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You may smile

You may smile. Really – nothing bad will happen. You are allowed to encounter Being with a smile on your face. Or with 1000 different types of smiles.

A mischievous smile after you discovered something first. Or a friendly smile when your eyes meet a foreigner. Perhaps with an open smile, even if you don’t know what to expect.

Don’t restrict yourself to outer types of smiling only. Equally as beautiful is an inner smile that only your counterpart can sense.

Please feel free to discover the remaining 997 ways of smiling on your own – this is your invitation to go ahead.

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Sometimes memories are surfacing.

Memories of nice situations that conjure a smile on the lips or that cause a feeling of gratitude.

Or memories of unpleasant incidents that tighten the heart, where the inner voice shouts “oh no”.

And then these memories slowly disappear.

Every single time. Over and over again.

No memory ever stayed.

Like a polar light.

And then life comes head on again.

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My Christmas Story 2012

On the weekend my girlfriend and I went to the theatre – The three sisters from Chekhov. It’s a classical play about three sisters who lost their father and are stranded in a small Russian town for years. And of course they want to return to an exciting Moscow life.

The play had a great cast and a high intensity. But that’s not the focus today.

One of the characters is Ferapont, an old senile servant. And in this production on the weekend the actor actually was a very old man with white hair, at least in this late 70′s.
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When Heroes Stumble

When your heroes stumble in front of you, become slower, perhaps even stop, then you should make a decision.

What are you doing then? Year after year you walked in the wake of your idol, your teacher, only seeing him from behind. And suddenly the distance between you doesn’t seem right anymore. What to do?

Are you slowing down as well, stopping, keeping a proper distance? Do you want to remain the good student, until death do you part?

Or are you respectfully passing by?

For a short moment you are at eye level. Time for a last bow, a last smile, a last handshake.

And then you slowly continue walking. Step by step. Don’t look back.

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To feel connected to others, that is a central human need. A deep feeling of connectedness, of belonging, that is what many people say is an important part of purpose and happiness in life.

When I understand you correctly, than you can never have enough of it, it can always be a little more, right?

Perhaps you think that there is a shortage of connections around you. That you are, deep in your heart, lonely and isolated. But is that really true?
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Two Chestnuts

Walking along the river. Many thoughts prior to a busy day. Issues that need clarification, supposing important goals, plans and wishes. The body is still rather tired.

Joggers on their tracks, cyclists on their way into the office. People with cell phones at their ears.

I am walking slowly, it’s more a stroll than a walk.

Suddenly, next to the path – two chestnuts; just popped out of their spiny shells.

Somehow it takes a while for the image to find its ways through the flood of thoughts.

Stopping, bending down, picking them up.

Two brown hard smooth chestnuts in my hand, what a wonderful feeling. Like an early autumn morning in its most pristine form.

Walking along the river. A day unfolds. Breathtaking beauty.

Two chestnuts sometimes make a huge difference.

Andreas smiles.

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