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Being does not wear plaid

Right and wrong,

That does not provide any orientation.

That is only

What thoughts want Being to fit into.

But Being does not wear plaid.

Being is not right.

Being is not wrong.

Being is.

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Everything that appears in front of these eyes,

All perceptions,

All feelings,

All thoughts,

Are occurring

Within the present moment.

This body,

My counterpart,

Birth, aging and death,

All the present moment.


Not understanding,




Are just the present moment.

Even the illusion of “me”

Emerges and ceases

Right here, right now.

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The timeless cosmic dance

Getting up, how can I possibly know what will happen at lunchtime?

How should I even know what will happen next?

Just because I think I have experienced similar situations numerous times?

Because I believe all work days are the same?

No fish knows where the big swarm moves next.

What I truly am follows this natural movement joyfully.

The thought of it is frightening though.

But what do thoughts about Being matter?

In every second Being invites you to dance the timeless cosmic dance.

Go on!

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I am the source of all pathways

Source of all pathwaysSometimes thoughts arise about pathways that could be pursued. About goals that could be reached.

Then I remember:

I am the source of all pathways.

All paths originate right here.

Every path leads from me to me.

On all pathways I constantly meet myself.

Everyplace I have already been.

Thinking of a potential pathway is like a dream. The memory quickly fades after I open the eyes.

And the day is ready to begin.

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If Only

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts arrogantly pretend to be able to judge Cosmos.

As soon as the “if only” appears, thoughts act as if they could offer an alternative to Being here and now.

Both are not true.

“If only” always appears as part of Cosmos, within Here and Now.

I cannot escape Being, not even for a second.

So why act as if?

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Everything that I notice surfaces inside what I am.

Emotions, intuition and thoughts.

Awareness, concepts of space and time.

Perceptions of inside and outside.

This whole incarnation, beliefs in me and others.

All objects, this entire planet.

All this manifests within what I am.

Like bubbles in mineral water – one after the other rises. Some faster, some slower.

They all burst as soon as they hit the surface.

Plop, plop, plop, that is the ambient sound of Being.

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Air, Water, Being

No breath can fathom the nature of air. No dewdrop can fathom the nature of water. No thought can fathom the nature of Being.

Every breath is made of air. Every dewdrop is water. Every thought is Being acting.

And still thoughts try to decipher Being. Want thoughts to understand Being.

That is impossible. That is pure suffering.

As soon as this is seen through, the head feels much much lighter.

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PigeonsAren’t thoughts quite often like pigeons? They coo, ruffle their feathers, move from here to there and then straight back.

As soon as I feed them, more appear. And soon I seem to disappear in the fluttering flock of birds.

A second before you believe you caught them, they fly up and away. When you try to send them away, they return immediately.

No matter if I find them interesting or if I ignore them completely, they remain.

Sometimes I have the strange impression they are sneering at me.

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All that happens

Walking happens.
Talking happens.
Sleeping happens.
Viewing happens.
Good feelings happen.
Bad feelings happen.
Confusion happens.
Recognition happens.
Thinking happens.
A whole life happens.

It’s all perfect.

And then the little voice inside our head speaks up:
“It would be better if something else would happen.”
As soon as you believe this voice, problems arise.

Although: Problems happen.

It’s still perfect.

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Quite often the impression arises that we are at a fork in our path and that we have the choice between several options for our life. That it is about making a decision. A decision about the next years in our relationship, our job, our surroundings, for or against moving to a new town.

The whole time we act as if there are a number of pathways – straight, left, or right. But this is only a nice illusion of our mind.

On the surface of this planet there is exactly one path for you. And that is the very path that you create step by step – that you walk step by step.
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