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Under this human fur

Human furRight under this human fur here

Lays exactly the very quality of Being

That lets the sun rise every morning.

The very quality of Being that

Since the beginning of time

Created mountains, rivers and lakes.

The very quality of Being

From which time and space emanate.

So why only touch this human fur

Our entire lifetime,

When we are actually engulfed

By the sheer wonder of Being?

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Space and Time

Space and TimeWherever you go, you carry with you

The sense of here and now.

This is what distinguishes

Any present experience from memory.

It reveals that space and time are in you

And not the other way around.

-Wu Hsin- approx. 300 BCE

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Own Time

The piling of more concepts, this acquisition of additional knowledge, is not the solution. Adding to the known can never take you beyond the known.

At every moment of your life you know what you need to know. Take it to be sufficient.

True knowledge comes via direct apperception and this cannot be forced. It arrives in its own time.

-Wu Hsin- approx. 300 BCE

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Can you hear it?

Do you hear itNo matter in which mirror I look, I only notice your face.

No matter which footsteps I cross, they all look exactly like yours.

No matter whose hand I take, I can always feel your warmness.

No matter whom I am smiling at, it’s always you who smiles back.

No matter who I call, I am only meaning you.

These are the lines that Cosmos is whispering

Since the beginning of time.

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Everything that I notice surfaces inside what I am.

Emotions, intuition and thoughts.

Awareness, concepts of space and time.

Perceptions of inside and outside.

This whole incarnation, beliefs in me and others.

All objects, this entire planet.

All this manifests within what I am.

Like bubbles in mineral water – one after the other rises. Some faster, some slower.

They all burst as soon as they hit the surface.

Plop, plop, plop, that is the ambient sound of Being.

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Right here, right now

Being is endlessly bigger than you can ever imagine.

What you are is radically different from every image that you have about yourself.

Beyond all concepts of time and space they both meet in endlessness.

This encounter happens right here, right now.

You can build on it although you can’t think it.

Right here and now Being and you are interwoven inseparably.

Even your “yes, but” bounces straight off.

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No path will lead you to your destination

As long as you think that you should follow a path, so long you are restricting yourself to your apparent human condition. You think something is missing. You believe there is something to reach.

As long as you are following a path, so long you are bound to space and time; because you are creating categories of here and there, now and later. What you are, though, is completely beyond space and time.

As long as you think a path would guide you to a better future, so long you are granting the mind or the heart the command over the world. They should be your guide. It is the world however, the universe, which is the guide for your heart and your mind.

No matter which path you follow – it might take you to another place. But no matter how many places you visit, they will be all equally as far away from that what you are looking for.

No path ever leads to the destination.

“So should I leave the path then?”, you are asking.

“That would only be a new path that you start”, I reply.

The different pathways don’t cause confusion – your anticipated destination is confusing.

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Somewhere else

Every place that provides an answer to your question for the “where”, is not where you are.

Every time you receive an answer to your question for the “when”, you are not.

Where and when only work within space and time. Within the dream of cause and effect. Within the models of ego, higher self and karma.

All those are lovely worlds that offer good entertainment. Usually they are fun to visit.

Please don’t try to settle there. Your homeland is somewhere completely different.

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Nothing was ever hidden

Nothing was ever hidden. The cosmos doesn’t know secretiveness, why should it?

Billions of years and planets, trillions of life forms, countless colors and scents – where could anything be possibly hidden?

Nothing was ever hidden. Everything lays open in front of your eyes. You can recognize everything yet understand nothing.

None of your questions were replied to. Still, all answers have reached your ear.

The cosmos stands in front of you – ready to give you everything. But you say, “Not yet”.

Fortunately cosmos doesn’t know time nor space.