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What do you think?

What do you think

Who is standing in your way?

Who is making your life difficult?

Sometimes you most likely want to blame

The whole world for it.

While in actuality it is just the illusion

You could be anything different

Than this very world itself.

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The Witness

I witness everything this finger points at.

I witness everything this thought now thinks about.

This tree here, that person there – I am their witness.

The eagle in the sky, the shark in the sea – they exist through me alone.

Andreas, this body; very easy to think them both.

Ego, higher self, happiness: see above.

What happened before this witness appeared?

What will happen after this witness disappears?

A world was created.

A world will cease.

Being did not even blink once.

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An interesting question

The world doesn’t care about the human mind at all. It only shrugs its shoulders.

The human mind, however, cares a lot about the world. It is right in the center of its interest. Mind wants to understand everything.

The world always accepts mind as a part of itself.

The human mind can never accept the world as a part of itself.

The question is whether or not you can accept the world as a part of you?

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You don’t have another world

Many people behave as if worlds are on sale today. Possible scenarios are discussed, “if” and “but” are used everywhere. Plans for the futures are passionately defended.

All these are just thought worlds, are landscapes inside heads, strictly virtual.

Right here, in front of your eyes – that is world.

That is cosmos, that is Being, is the present moment, the wonder in midst of ordinary life, god, dharma, tao, unconditional love, 42. That’s the answer to all questions.

That is IT, Oneness, Mu.

And you don’t even look closely, don’t let it fully touch you. You are building other worlds inside the head, are wishing for other feelings inside the heart.

You don’t have another world. You only have that one. At least watch it carefully before you put it aside.

For a long long time I examined every single corner. My toolbox was always with me. Until today I did not use it once. Couldn’t find any imperfections.

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Nice try

This here is already whole, indivisibly one, is already “It”.

It’s no disproof if you don’t believe. This only means, “I cannot believe that this here is already it.” Fine, no problem at all.

And if it confuses you, this this only means that a feeling of confusion is occurring. Nothing more.

But usually there is the demand to recognize “It”, to believe in it, to understand it.

This approach is really self-centered. A “me” demands to recognize and to understand “It”, whatever that might be. Otherwise I don’t approve it.

Because the world only waits for you to lower your thumb, expressing your disproval if need be, or what? Great!
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The great opportunity

Are you a seeker? Somebody set out on a journey? Who follows a spiritual school or teaching? Who meditates, practices, refines?

If your journey would have ever come to an end: What would have changed in your life? What would have ceased? What would have begun?

Those are the three crucial questions! If you have the audacity to seriously ask yourself those questions, something big can happen. The answers can radically transform your entire life.

This can happen because the answers show you unmistakably what you think is wrong in your life. What you are longing for the most. What you are running away from. What causes you the most excruciating pain.

To fully realize this requires bravery and stamina. I salute every man and every woman who is working on these three questions!
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Spiritual Bullfights

The “I” is like a virtual skin. Like something that we always had. At least that’s what we think. “Of course there is an I inside, of course there is me.”

And there might be you. Nobody wants to challenge that. But who is this “I” that absolutely insists to be the center of your personality?
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