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Tangled or disentangled? An experiment for you

Consciously or subconsciously you have a definition of “you”, of what is “you”.

The body that you might consider yours.
Thoughts that you might consider yours.
Emotions that you might consider yours.

And even if you don’t claim ownership for them, you might believe that you are the space within your body. That thoughts and emotions arise inside you, within you.

In this way a big epic was formed over the years: Your life story.

But how well does this epic suit the current life situation? How beneficial are these inner constructs for you? How much do they put you in a strait jacket since they are defining for you what is possible and what is not?

All this you can check out with the following experiment. That’s how it works: Take one hour. Preferably an hour that isn’t insanely busy for you. Where you don’t have to rush through your tasks. But also not an hour that is overly tranquil. Somewhere in the middle works best. And then become the detective in the investigation of your own life.

As soon as a thought surfaces, scrutinize it like an agent. “Is that really true?” “Do you have evidence?” “Is there counter evidence?”

When the inner voice is talking to you, challenge it. “I guess that’s nonsense, right?” “Nice story but I’m not buying it.”

When an emotion arises, deconstruct it. “What exactly is going on in the body?” “What is the sequence of the individual sensations?” “How could I name this emotion?” “Could other people name this sensation differently?”

No matter what comes up in the inner world, just remain skeptical. Look for different perspectives. Be aware if something is running on auto-pilot only. Do this for just one hour.

And then take stock. What did you notice? How rigid, how constricting is life’s corset? But please don’t draw conclusions quickly. Because you should scrutinize these thoughts too.

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