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The great opportunity

Are you a seeker? Somebody set out on a journey? Who follows a spiritual school or teaching? Who meditates, practices, refines?

If your journey would have ever come to an end: What would have changed in your life? What would have ceased? What would have begun?

Those are the three crucial questions! If you have the audacity to seriously ask yourself those questions, something big can happen. The answers can radically transform your entire life.

This can happen because the answers show you unmistakably what you think is wrong in your life. What you are longing for the most. What you are running away from. What causes you the most excruciating pain.

To fully realize this requires bravery and stamina. I salute every man and every woman who is working on these three questions!

Whenever a possible answer arises: Ask yourself if that what the answer suggests, really is sufficient to let your search come to an end. To finally and forever let your search be done with.

I don’t want to give you a bad feeling because you don’t exactly know the destiny of your search. Not at all. I think that is rather normal. Please don’t stress yourself out about it.

I believe (and that is my point), that there always is a hot core for every seeker – what the whole search is all about. You can discover this. This isn’t hidden, forbidden, locked away. Not a bit.

When you fully realize what you are longing for the most, what you are missing the most and what is causing your biggest pain, then a great opportunity arises: At this point healing can start. At this point you can make peace with it. You can reconcile with it. At this point these things lose their power over you.

This is the great opportunity. And this is the real quest, the big journey. You don’t need teachings, schools and pathways for it. You only need yourself.

Actually it’s only a pale picture of yourself that starts this journey. Somebody else who is exactly looking like you will finish. The world will await her.

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