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True Freedom

Where are you searching true freedom? What needs to happen so that you feel free? Or, to put it in another way: Would you even notice if you were free?

Your mind can endlessly ponder about these questions. However, true freedom cannot be thought. Your heart can endlessly sense into these questions. However, true freedom cannot be felt. Your intuition can create endless chains of associations on this theme. But true freedom can’t even be highlighted.

True freedom can only be lived. Doesn’t need a grand gesture. Doesn’t need to prove anything. True freedom is never freedom from something – but freedom for something.

True freedom has always been a part of you. Nobody can take it away. Not even the voice inside your head telling you otherwise. True freedom didn’t start with birth. It won’t cease with death.

True freedom has countless forms of expression. No matter what you did during the last 10 seconds – that’s how true freedom is expressed.


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