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True Giving

Quite regularly Being wants something from us. Demands that we bid farewell, that we let go, that we give away. Frequently it is about things that are dear and precious to us.

A job that we do that became stale a long time ago – “Let go”, Being whispers.

Our nice house where we have to move out of – “Give it up”, Being says.

A marriage that only exists on paper anymore – “Say good-bye and split up as friends”, Being demands.

Those are examples for the big turning points in life. In many cases Being is talking more softly:

My belief that life doesn’t hand me anything – “Is that really true?”, being asks.

My subconscious self-image as a brave warrior or a savvy business woman – “Let go, and all the pain with it”, Being proposes.

My sentence, “I don’t have time right now”, in so many different situations – “Have another carful look”, Being urges.

In the end Being always wins. It’s up to us how long and how often we writhe, we don’t listen, or we make a fuss.

True giving arises when we give being what it demands. Without consideration, without hesitation.

What does Being currently demand from you? Your fears about the future? Your little personal story? Your whole personality? Everything you thought you would know? The whole world in front of your eyes?

Yes, sometime it seems Being demands everything. True giving can take place even here.

Perhaps it is true giving with the loudest cry of anguish ever heard. But that would be perfectly fine.


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