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Two Chestnuts

Walking along the river. Many thoughts prior to a busy day. Issues that need clarification, supposing important goals, plans and wishes. The body is still rather tired.

Joggers on their tracks, cyclists on their way into the office. People with cell phones at their ears.

I am walking slowly, it’s more a stroll than a walk.

Suddenly, next to the path – two chestnuts; just popped out of their spiny shells.

Somehow it takes a while for the image to find its ways through the flood of thoughts.

Stopping, bending down, picking them up.

Two brown hard smooth chestnuts in my hand, what a wonderful feeling. Like an early autumn morning in its most pristine form.

Walking along the river. A day unfolds. Breathtaking beauty.

Two chestnuts sometimes make a huge difference.

Andreas smiles.

Photo credit: Weigand / photocase.com


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