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Who would you be without all your wishes?

Who would you be if you could let go of all your wishes? All dreams, all plans, all goals?

Christmas in about 6 weeks: Presents that you need to buy, preparations that you need to take care of, perhaps family stress that you are concerned about and that you would like to avoid. Happy faces and warm hearts that you are wishing for.

At work: Reorganization, layoffs or a chance for promotion. Conflicts with colleagues or bosses that need to be resolved. The new project that you are looking forward to. The one where you can picture yourself as the winner already.

2013 with vacations, family functions, planned purchases, the wish to finally have more time for this and that.

All this lays in the future – and it guides your thinking, feeling and behavior. Consciously or unconsciously. Did you ever ask yourself how many of these wishes, dreams, plans and goals you have?

The fancy self-help books always write that you should carefully plan your life, that you have to find your polar star in life, that you have to take happiness into your own hands.

Unfortunately happiness usually turns into a muddy brown brew as soon as you put your hands in. And control sooner or later becomes a mere illusion.

So why all the wishes, dreams, plans and goals?

Imagine you relinquish control and let life itself govern. Imagine that there is only a deep acceptance remaining for anything that occurs. Imagine that there is nothing left that draws you into your assumed future. Imagine there are no must, should and could anymore.

Is that scaring you? Let the scared one go as well since he is simply living in the future too.

Are you afraid that in the end only a big void will be left? The opposite will happen.

Let everything just go. Let it fall away, wipe it off.

Welcome to the present moment.

How is it going without wishes?

What remains? What was never gone? What can nobody take away from you?

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